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Click to enlargeThink of built-ins as an investment. Built-in furniture becomes part of your home and complements the style of the house. Whereas freestanding furniture is designed for any house, built-in furniture is built only for your house, adding functionality and value to your home.

Click to enlargeConsider what would make the room more comfortable and easier to live in. Are you looking for furniture to fit a particular space? Do you have special functional needs? We can design all types of built-in furniture, including bookcases, home offices, and entertainment centers.

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Style is important to your home. Built-in furniture is not simply nailed to the wall. A built-in should pick up details of the home, such as the trim and the molding, and seamlessly integrate into the architecture. Poorly designed built-ins detract not only from the look of a room but also from the value of the home.

Click to enlargeMake a list of the furnishings that would complement your style. If you wish you to have an entertainment center, sketch out what you want and discuss it with Mitchell. Sumpter Construction will design it so that meets your needs as well as tastes.

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